Thursday, March 31, 2016

Magazine Cover of the Day: Gun World, September 1974: Featuring the Morgan Submachine Gun

                         Gun World, September 1974: Featuring the Morgan Submachine Gun

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While not published in the 1980's, This issue of Gun World from September of 1974 features the very unusual Morgan Arms 9mm Auto dubbed the "Super Gun". The issue features an interview Jack Lewis conducted with James Morgan about his 9mm Submachine Gun that he hoped to market to the US Military and Police Departments. The article discusses the use of the strange red Rocket Propelled Grenade called the TAR (Tactical Assault Rocket) designed for the SMG. Jack Lewis provided mixed reviews on the gun. Lewis likened it to a Buck Rogers style weapon that the US military was not inclined to consider. It also featured an usual stock design that was called a "Recoil Free" stock, which honestly looks as if it was simply turned upside down from it's original configuration. Lewis did like the lack of recoil in the test gun though.

It appears their is a close design relationship to the Wilkinson Terry Carbine and Linda Pistols offered by Wilkinson Arms from 1970 until the late 1990's. However, it unclear on how the companies are related. I'll be looking into this in future posts about the Wilkinson Arms firearms company.


  1. I will help work to track down the Wilkinson/Morgan Arms connection.

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  4. I am far more interested in the Loveless story.